Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lunch @ Bangkok Wasabe, Kota Damansara

On every weekday, you can opt to go and try those rather reasonable set Lunch. This place serves Thai Food for RM 9.90 only! I tried their pineapple fried rice on this first trip there. I found it quite ok and full of lovely raisins inside. My friend took the tomyam fried rice and his comments were that is was nice and spicy! So spicy lovers this is something you could try.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lunch set @ Hanz Harvest

Lunch Mon- Sun before 3pm. This is a place u definitely have to at least try once! They have really good chicken chop sets for less than RM10! Comes with coleslaw, chicken chop in 3 choices of sauce ( BBQ, Rosemary or Mushroom) , fries and a small serving of alia olio spaghetti as the mains and usually served together with the fruit juice and fruit of the day together. Really value for money!
Located in Damansara Jaya near the Petrina Station last block of shops.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Garden Lifestyle shop & Cafe @ Curve

For a limited period only, they are having a wonderful and affordable set lunch from  RM9.90 - RM 12.90 that comes with the main meal, salad, pumpkin soup and ice lemon tea - depending what you order. Dishes they serve: a few Fried rice, Fried Yee Mee, Alia Olio Seafood Pasta, Chicken Chop & Fish and Chips. I came with a friend during lunch and was hoping to eat their Fish & Chips Set meal butama today they were out of fish and chips! Thus I ordered their Alia Olio Pasta set while my friend decided to order from the ala carte menu.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Awet Thai Seafood

This my first time here for dinner. Came with my family for dinner one night to try it out. Ready to wet your appetite? Firstly, we ordered the steamed lemon/ lime fish which really really good and lovely tender fish that goes really well with the soup. Then we ordered the must have of all Thai food > Tomyam! Well it was nice but for me it was a bit too spicy killing our tastebuds! But good for those who like spicy soups! Next up is their Pandan chicken which we didn't quite like as it was too dry and lack of taste even after eating with their Thai sweet chili sauce! After ordering meats we ordered a vege dish, which was stir fry Kangkung with bean paste sauce which was my fav! Nicely cooked and NOT overcooked till the vege is all soft and mushy.. and now of course what's Thai food without Green Curry! We took the green curry with pork. My verdict was that the pork was overcooked as the meat was tough. Now for dessert after all the mains we were too full for desert yet we wanted to at least try one Thus we ordered their ice shavings with waterchesnut desert. We were rather impresses at the colourful desert and it was just a blast and a wonderful way of finishing the meal.

Lot 13544, Jalan Cempaka, Kampung Kayu Ara,  4700 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-77250175

Pork Noodles @ Restoran 126

If you like something different than the normal pork noodles or even bittergoard noodles, this is a place you should try.
Their Pepper Soup Pork Noodles offer you a different twist to the normal pork noodle soups, and offer you a soup that will spice up your life ;)
Another alternative is their Bittergoard noodles that come with their very own home made pork paste which blends perfectly well with the soup.
When ordering drinks do give their honey passion fruit drink which would really kill any thirst!
The restaurant is named Restoran 126 and is found in Bukit Mayang Emas,  Petaling Jaya on the same row as the famous Wong Poh restaurant that serves crabs.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sarawak Laksa @ Ming Tien Food Court

Been seeing the poster advertisements of a new Sarawak Laksa open now in the Ming Tien food court in Taman Megah and so we decided to try it last night. We ordered a bowl each and our verdict was that it was not as great as what we had previously tried in Bangsar. The prawns here was not that fresh and the gravy lacked that oomph but still better than the one opened in the morning/afternoon in Restoran Gembira just opposite the food court. Overall it was still nice enough to be eaten although nothing great.
They only open at night.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Grass Street Cafe

This uniquely named cafe has opened for up to 7 months just aroundmy neighbourhood and yet had not discovered it until we saw an advertisement poster on it hung under the billboard one day. We decided to give it a try during lunch.

We tried their Fish and chip set (rm7.90) and their fish curry with rice.
The fish in the fish and chips were soft and tender on the inside but nice and crispy on the outside.

The Fish curry was also a great choice.. Down to the last drop of curry, we licked the pot clean! It was just the right amount of spice in their curry that made it so yummy! RM 8.90 for chicken/fish curry with rice or RM 3.50 for curry chicken with toast.
The owner of the shows also sells fresh wholemeal bread which is really soft and tasty!  (Rm4.90 for a whole loaf)

Their fresh orange juice is a good choice for a drink on a hot day. You may opt to ask for no sugar or less sugar in it.

The place is located in mayang jaya just above the 7 eleven.